Direct Mail is Back in the Spotlight: 5 Tips For Creating a Campaign with High ROI

Email Marketing

By Simply Clear Marketing

Direct mail is so last century. For years, that’s been the idea when it comes to reaching customers through marketing and advertising campaigns. But, like so many things, the pandemic has changed all that. With people spending more time at home, snail mail is experiencing a bit of a Renaissance.

According to a study from marketing technology firm Valassis, 31 percent of consumers are more excited to receive their mail each day compared to before the pandemic. And close to half of consumers are more interested in deals, coupons, or promotions via direct mail than before the pandemic.

This is especially true for Millennials, many of whom are now permanently working from home. A report from the United States Post Office found that more “plugged-in” generations are suffering from digital fatigue. As a result, approximately 88 percent of Millennials take the time to look through their mail to make sure they aren’t throwing away useful information.

With people once again hooked on the thrill of receiving something special in the mail, now is the perfect time to act. Here are our top five tips for making sure your campaign doesn’t go straight into the recycling bin.

  1. Target your audience. Anyone can send a bunch of bulk mail through USPS. Go beyond your basic carrier routes by targeting specific demographics. This can be done by building custom mailing lists that target based on geographic location, lifestyle habits, and more.
  2. Personalize it. The words “current resident” should not appear on your campaign materials. Still, personalized mail is about more than having the right name on the address line. Craft your message to meet your audience’s unique needs and interests so they feel seen and cared about. 
  3. Have a strong CTA. Now that they’ve opened your mail, what do you want them to do? This is an essential part of your campaign. Having a clear, concise Call to Action will ensure a high ROI on your campaign. It could be to scan a QR code that goes to your website or to shop with a special coupon code.
  4. Make it special. The more unique your mail is, the more likely it is to resonate with your audience. This doesn’t apply to just the messaging; you must consider every element of your design, from imagery to fonts to the material it’s printed on. Of course, mail is no longer limited to paper. We have seem companies use a variety of marketing techniques that incorporate interactive technology into the campaigns
  5. Leverage cross-platform marketing. The best direct mail campaigns are the ones that are paired with other marketing platforms and tools. This could include geotargeting direct mail recipients with other forms of advertising or tying your mailed promotions into social media. Having more touch points throughout your campaign will keep you top of mind with your customers.


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