Why You Should Be Working With Influencers to Market Your Business

Digital Marketing

By Simply Clear Marketing

Think about the last time you purchased a product. What convinced you to get out your wallet or tap the button on your phone? 

Most likely, it was a recommendation from someone you trust—a friend, family member, or perhaps a social media influencer.

Influencers have emerged as powerful trendsetters for marketing and advertising, leveraging their creativity and word-of-mouth reviews to sway consumer decisions. 

Here’s the inside scoop on how it works and tips about remaining authentic to your brand from a local influencer. 

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing means partnering with people who have a large following on social media and are knowledgeable about certain topics, like fashion or health, to sell your products and services. 

When compared to traditional advertisements, this method feels more like a friend suggesting something. In fact, some influencers don’t always disclose whether a company is paying them, which actually makes people trust them more. 

This trust factor increases the likelihood of people purchasing products that weren’t overtly marketed to them.

Influencer Marketing: Then and Now

The earliest days of influencer marketing involved the use of fictional characters, like Santa Claus drinking Coca-Cola or Tony the Tiger saying Frosted Flakes are, “Grrrreat!”

Then real celebrities, like Michael Jordan and Taylor Swift, became prominent influencers. Today, TikTok stands as the predominant platform for influencer marketing, boasting a diverse community of over 100,000 individuals across various niches.

Why it Works

The core of influencer marketing often targets the subconscious, prompting people to make emotion-driven decisions fueled by their connection to influential figures. 

Given that most influencer content lives on social media, it has an extensive reach among consumers, delivering content in easily digestible chunks of 15- to 30-second videos.

The Inside Scoop: An Interview With A Local Influencer

Mae Gonzalez is a junior content creator at Simply Clear Marketing and a lifestyle social media influencer local to San Luis Obispo. With a cumulative following of more than 70,000, Mae has worked with a series of businesses promoting products ranging from tattoo care to clothing. 

On Creating Content & Remaining Authentic

“I come up with content based on the company I am partnering with. Since most of my content is fashion-based, I typically choose brands that align with my current content style so it remains authentic. Having the power to influence people’s buying decisions is a weird space to be in. With that power is a great responsibility to choose my partnerships carefully.”

Favorite Collaboration

“My favorite collaboration is one that’s in the works! This year I’ll be partnering with our local music festival, Shabang, which is totally up my alley. Music, fashion, glitter, vlogging. All things I love and am so excited to showcase something local for my peers & community. Every partnership challenges me to create new ideas, and develop my content style.”

As the world of influencer marketing continues to evolve, Simply Clear Marketing can provide you and your business with valuable insights into the delicate balance between compelling creative, brand voice, and the genuine connections that fuel this influential marketing strategy. 

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